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Uganda to receive $100 million grant for education


The Forum for Education NGOs in Uganda (FENU) is pleased to hear that the Ugandan Government’s application to the Global Partnership for Education (GPE) has been successful. Uganda will receive a grant of $100 million to help us meet the Millennium Development Goals in education, on the condition that the education budget is increased over the next three years.

The money will be used to improve teacher and school effectiveness in the public primary education system, specifically with a focus on new approaches for early reading and numeracy and improved school facilities and accountability.

FENU has been actively involved since the GPE application process started in 2012 through coordinating civil society input into the application.

We have consistently campaigned for interventions that will truly impact on the quality of education in Uganda, and are pleased that some of our recommendations have been taken on board.

We are also pleased to hear that as a result of our consistent campaigning, a key condition for Uganda receiving the grant is that there will be an increase in the education sector budget over the next three years. GPE money must be additional to government funds, rather than replace them. Civil society has therefore argued that the Government must commit to increasing the education budget if they are to be eligible to receive these funds.

Frederick Mwesigye, executive director of FENU, said ‘this money could not come at a more critical time. Uganda’s public education system is in crisis with school dropout soaring and motivation of our poorly paid teachers at an all time low. We are pleased that the education budget will increase, and that Uganda will receive additional money from GPE to help us face the many problems facing education in Uganda’.

‘This is only the beginning’, Mr Mwesigye continued. ‘This is a crucial opportunity for Ugandan education, but the real test will come with implementation. Civil society will continue to play a key role in monitoring the implementation of the GPE grant and if properly implemented, we hope to see marked improvements in the quality of education in Uganda.’

Notes to Editors
FENU’s input into the GPE process can be found in our briefing papers on the FENU website: http://fenu.or.ug/publications/fenu-publications/

Anya Whiteside
Education Advocacy Officer
Forum for Education NGOs in Uganda (FENU)
VSO volunteer with FENU