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Quality Public Education Campaign

‘Our  children  and  nation  will  have  no  future,  if  we  choose  to  do  nothing  about  public  education’

The Action for Quality Public Education was launched in July 2012. It is coordinated by Uganda Joint Christian Council, Uganda Muslim Education Association, Uganda National Teacher’s Union, Forum for Education NGOs in Uganda, Uganda National NGO Forum and ActionAid International Uganda.

Together, we launched the campaign to address the crisis in education and to demand urgent action on the future of public education in Uganda.

The story of Uganda’s public education sector is that of waste, mismanagement and tragedy. Despite large increases in the number of children going to school many children are not learning or receiving a quality education.

There is a crisis in public education and we are calling for action on:

  • The Government not prioritising public education
  • High student drop-out rates
  • Congestion in classrooms
  • Hungry children in School
  • Teaching in crisis
  • Disengaged foundation body leadership and low participation of parents and guardians.

Education is too important to be left to government alone, which is why we are calling for coordinated action from all stakeholders. Our initial demands are simple:

  • No budget cuts of the education sector
  • Mid-day meals for all children at schools
  • More involvement from foundation bodies in the management of schools.

We believe that these demands are realistic and achievable if Government makes education a top priority. Nearly 60% of Uganda’s population is under 18, so we have no time to waste. We must act together now if we are to solve the crisis in public education.