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Global Partnership for Education

GPE_3Lines_E_rgb_The Global Partnership for Education (GPE) is a grant of $100 million that the Ugandan Government will receive over a three year period (2014-2017).

The grant will be used to help the education sector meet the Sustainable  Development Goals (SDGs) on education over the next three years.

Uganda’s application for GPE funding is made up of three core components:

  • Effective teachers
  • Effective schools
  • Advisory, technical and capacity-building support.

FENU has been actively involved since the GPE application process started in 2012, starting with input into what key priorities should be funded.

FENU has also coordinated civil society input into the GPE meetings to develop the GPE grant application.

This has included organizing a workshop of over 70 participants in Kampala and regional consultations in Central, Eastern, Northern and Western region to respond to the GPE draft application. We have also worked to ensure FENU members are kept updated throughout the process.

FENU is delighted that, as a result of our consistent campaigning, a key condition for Uganda receiving the grant is that there will be an increase in the education sector budget over the next three years. GPE money must be additional to government funds, rather than replace them. Civil society has therefore argued that the Government must commit to increasing the education budget if they are to be eligible to receive these funds.

FENU has consistently campaigned for interventions that will impact on the quality of education throughout the grant application process and will continue to play an important role in monitoring the implementation of the project over the coming years.