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FENU Secretariat,
Plot 58,
Block 254 Ggaba Road

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image: Save the Children

image: Save the Children

FENU is an advocacy forum which enables civil society to work together to campaign for change.

FENU members are working in many ways to improve education in Uganda.

FENU supports this work by providing a forum where many organisations can come together to lobby for change. Together we can work on some of the wider policy, implementation and structural issues to create real and lasting change.

Effective civil society in any country is not only about helping those most in need, but also about enabling the voices of the most vulnerable in society to be heard, holding those in power to account and campaigning for change.

At FENU we do this in many different ways. We work with key stakeholders such as the Ministry of Education and Sports, Parliamentarians, education development partners, religious and cultural leaders, District officials and the media. We input into new policy, campaign for better implementation, organize events, work with local communities on key advocacy messages and publicize the work of our membership.

Throughout all our work runs our key ethos of linking people to policy and practice for better education. We believe that learners, communities, teachers and other education stakeholders have to be able to input into education policy and practice if we are to build a Uganda where every child has access to a good quality public education.

Past campaign work: